in seattle

I'm in Seattle (well, Kirkland at the moment).  Anyone have a suggestion of something interesting I should do this evening, rather than stay at the office a few more hours and then go to my hotel?

more RSS issues

Sorry again to all my RSS-subscribers for flooding your friends pages with old content. It was pointed out to me that some other (non-LJ) RSS software was choking on my feed, and said it was not valid. I made some changes so now it is approved as valid, and of course LiveJournal then decided that there were 20 brand new entries or whatever.

However, I have an idea that I think will avoid recurrence of not only this kind of flooding, but also the occasional problem of a single old post popping back up. Which is to check the user agent string, and when it's LiveJournal requesting, I will serve only the most recent five entries, instead of the most recent twenty. I'll probably implement that change shortly, and with any luck no one will notice.

(Once again, if anyone happens to have friended me but not my blog's RSS feed, you can friend the feed here...)

fortune cookie

Okay, I don't like to write this kind of post in my actual blog, but I don't mind doing so here on LJ. "This kind of post" being one where I really don't have anything to add (what could one add to this?), I'm just linking to something that I think you will enjoy. Well, something that I greatly enjoyed anyway. Always have to take my amusement at things with somewhere between a grain and a teaspoon of salt. But in any case, I'm still laughing at this.

best fortune ever?

And in case it affects your decision of whether or not to click through, I'll also mention that it's short.

(Finally, since I think some folks have friended me lately and may not know about the RSS feed for my blog, which I post to more regularly than I post here on LJ, I'll mention again that you can have my blog posts appear on your LJ friends page by going here and clicking on the icon to friend that user.)

my RSS feed

So I added into my feed the number of comments on an entry, and annoyingly this seems to have caused all my entries to jump to the top. Which would suggest that any time a comment is added to an entry, that entry will jump to the top, except that they didn't actually all jump to the top. Not clear to me what's going on. But I'll try this for a while and then perhaps revert back, although reverting back will probably mean they'll all jump up to the top again... Sigh.

Regardless, next time I go futzing with the RSS functionality, I'll set up a separate experimental feed, and do my futzing on that in order to not clog up the friends pages of all my loyal readers... Sorry about that.

In other news, my drawing shaved.

(Oh, and on the off chance that anyone sees this post but doesn't currently subscribe to my feed, you can do so here...)

handy LJ feature

(Already mentioned this in a comment on my previous entry, which announced the RSS feed, but figure I'll mention it again in its own entry for those who didn't bother to read the comments.)

Turns out you can add my blog's RSS feed to your LJ friends list even without a paid account. Just go here:

And add that fake user as a friend. Keen! (Just don't use LJ's commenting system to discuss those posts -- use the commenting system on my site, otherwise I probably won't notice your comments. Of course since within LJ you only see a short snippet of the posts, hopefully no one would think to comment there anyway...)

And on the subject of keen features of LJ, I discovered that I can easily fix both of my big complaints about the layout of the aggregated friends page, merely by customizing the layout it uses. Yay for customizability. So now I can see who a post is written by at the top of the post (instead of it being vertically centered and hence off the page when looking at a long post), and also posts are neatly separated rather than blending into each other when people don't include a title for their entries. Huzzah!

RSS feed

My blog now has an RSS feed, for those who are into that sort of thing.

I'm told that if you have a paid LJ account, you can include RSS feeds in your friends page. Keen. Let me know whether it works.