neilfred (neilfred) wrote,

handy LJ feature

(Already mentioned this in a comment on my previous entry, which announced the RSS feed, but figure I'll mention it again in its own entry for those who didn't bother to read the comments.)

Turns out you can add my blog's RSS feed to your LJ friends list even without a paid account. Just go here:

And add that fake user as a friend. Keen! (Just don't use LJ's commenting system to discuss those posts -- use the commenting system on my site, otherwise I probably won't notice your comments. Of course since within LJ you only see a short snippet of the posts, hopefully no one would think to comment there anyway...)

And on the subject of keen features of LJ, I discovered that I can easily fix both of my big complaints about the layout of the aggregated friends page, merely by customizing the layout it uses. Yay for customizability. So now I can see who a post is written by at the top of the post (instead of it being vertically centered and hence off the page when looking at a long post), and also posts are neatly separated rather than blending into each other when people don't include a title for their entries. Huzzah!

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