neilfred (neilfred) wrote,

my RSS feed

So I added into my feed the number of comments on an entry, and annoyingly this seems to have caused all my entries to jump to the top. Which would suggest that any time a comment is added to an entry, that entry will jump to the top, except that they didn't actually all jump to the top. Not clear to me what's going on. But I'll try this for a while and then perhaps revert back, although reverting back will probably mean they'll all jump up to the top again... Sigh.

Regardless, next time I go futzing with the RSS functionality, I'll set up a separate experimental feed, and do my futzing on that in order to not clog up the friends pages of all my loyal readers... Sorry about that.

In other news, my drawing shaved.

(Oh, and on the off chance that anyone sees this post but doesn't currently subscribe to my feed, you can do so here...)

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