neilfred (neilfred) wrote,

fortune cookie

Okay, I don't like to write this kind of post in my actual blog, but I don't mind doing so here on LJ. "This kind of post" being one where I really don't have anything to add (what could one add to this?), I'm just linking to something that I think you will enjoy. Well, something that I greatly enjoyed anyway. Always have to take my amusement at things with somewhere between a grain and a teaspoon of salt. But in any case, I'm still laughing at this.

best fortune ever?

And in case it affects your decision of whether or not to click through, I'll also mention that it's short.

(Finally, since I think some folks have friended me lately and may not know about the RSS feed for my blog, which I post to more regularly than I post here on LJ, I'll mention again that you can have my blog posts appear on your LJ friends page by going here and clicking on the icon to friend that user.)
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